Acknowledgement Statement

At Run Calgary, we believe that running brings community together like no other activity can. We want everyone to feel that Run Calgary is theirs; their goals, their friends, their family, their community, their finish lines. Because we are committed to representing our whole community, we hold ourselves accountable to values of diversity, inclusivity and equity. We want to learn, celebrate, and empower. We strive to continually find ways to bring about change in our industry. 

Movement is for Everyone

Run Calgary Commitment

Run Calgary commits to ongoing learning, engaging diverse perspectives and fostering an inclusive community to ensure that running can be for everyone. 

always striving to do better

Last Update: February 2024

This page will be updated at least quarterly as the Community Engagement Diversity Inclusion and Action (CEDIA) Committee, made up of Run Calgary staff and board of directors, helps to guide the conversation and keeps the organization accountable for continued learning and unlearning.


Run Calgary Action to date


Our longstanding Community Engagement committee first founded in 2013 was renamed Community Engagement Diversity Inclusion and Action (CEDIA) in 2020. CEDIA is tasked with creating a framework for learning and unlearning for the staff and board of Run Calgary and holding the organization accountable to its commitment to diversity, inclusion and action.


Run Calgary first established scholarships for students who face financial barriers to participation in the Calgary Marathon in 2013. We reviewed the program and made changes to broaden who and how to access two distinct scholarships for the 2024 Calgary Marathon as well as expanding it to our series. Announcement coming soon!


The Calgary Marathon takes place on the traditional territories of the people of the Treaty 7 region in Southern Alberta, which includes the Blackfoot Confederacy, the Tsuut’ina First Nation, and the Stoney Nakoda.  The City of Calgary is also home to Métis Nation of Alberta, Region III and Stampede Park is situated on land adjacent to where the Bow River meets the Elbow River, and that the traditional Blackfoot name of this place is “Moh’kins’tsis”, which we now call the City of Calgary. Run Calgary has been acknowledging the indigenous lands in advance of the start of Calgary Marathon since 2014. We began asking for guidance from our indigenous leaders in 2018 to create more meaningful land acknowledgements for all of our Run Calgary races. Through learning and listening we understand it is Run Calgary, not indigenous people, who should be doing the land acknowledgements at events going forward.


Run Calgary created a feedback strategy to better learn from our community through surveys, polls and in-person focus groups. We use the information to help inform us of the immediate and long-term changes necessary in our organization and we take intentional steps to action what we learn.


Run Calgary uses our online platforms to elevate diverse voices by ensuring our imagery, our ambassadors and our recommendations are reflective of the broader community. 


Run Calgary puts the safety of all participants first. We have policies in place to ensure a safe and memorable experience for everyone and we must work within the framework of what is allowed by The City of Calgary. We will however review and work with all participants who have special needs to be as inclusive as possible.


Run Calgary is reviewing all areas of its operations from website and marketing materials to race event sites and courses to understand the current barriers for differently abled people to access our content and events. We will be working with organizations that specialize in accessibility to increase access for all people to Run Calgary. This starts with understanding our participants so you may notice we ask about mobility, sight and hearing impairments in our registration process.


Through the Servus Charity Challenge, Run Calgary works with a diverse group of charities delivering programming in our community so more people can have access to our events. We first began working with Start to Finish in 2015 and have provided grants for over 600 kids and their coaches to participate in the 5K who wouldn't otherwise have the means.


Run Calgary works with a diverse group of charity partners, sponsors, community stakeholders and other Calgary institutions. In 2020, Run Calgary collaborated with Pride Calgary on the first ever Love is Love Mile, bringing a 5-year idea to fruition. This event does not ask about gender and instead allows all participants to race to their potential regardless of how they identify. There are also entry scholarships for the LBGTQ2+ community, who were adversely affected in the job force through the pandemic.


Run Calgary is an engaged member of the Running Industry Diversity Coalition (RIDC) and is consistently showing up to learn from the activists leading this organization. Run Calgary is learning the language of social justice and will be using it in internal and external communications and practicing anti-racism and active allyship. You can be a member too - check out the RIDC here.


Run Calgary is working with Canadian Endurance Sport Alliance (CESA) to support the creation of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee which will bring together voices from organizations across the country.


The CEDIA committee is creating a framework which will chart long term change and ensure we are holding ourselves accountable to following through on our commitments. This includes recommended resources and mandatory diversity, inclusion and equity (DEI) training for all our staff and board, and aligning our values with our sponsors' values for true industry change.


The Run Calgary Governance committee, made up of staff and board of directors, is working with CEDIA committee to review hiring processes and incorporate new strategies and language to ensure a more equitable hiring process that pulls from a more diverse pool of talent in our community. Run Calgary put these practices to the test in August 2021 when hiring our volunteer coordinator and continues to finetune the process.


Run Calgary introduced registration options for non-binary participants to self-identify in 2021. We have since operationalized this across the organization so in 2024 non-binary top finishers have the same access to prizing as top men and women finishers.

We are listening —

It's a marathon not a sprint

Becoming a better organization takes consistent attention and progress takes time. Run Calgary is committed to real change and we want to hear from our community. Send your questions and comments as it takes everyone working together to make running a safe space for all. 

Whistleblower Policy —

Run Calgary and the Calgary Marathon Society are committed to open, accountable, ethical and transparent governance which encourages a culture of integrity and social responsibility. An important aspect of accountability and transparency is a mechanism to enable all individuals to voice concerns in a responsible and effective manner should they discover information which they believe shows serious malpractice. In order to meet current standards, the Run Calgary Board of Directors has developed this Whistleblower Policy.

This policy is intended to provide an environment in which individuals interacting with Run Calgary and the Calgary Marathon Society, including but not limited to employees, volunteers, participants and contractors, are encouraged to raise serious concerns without risk of discrimination or adverse employment actions. Run Calgary ensures confidentiality and anonymity for the person reporting a concern, unless it is incompatible with a fair investigation or required by law.

It is the responsibility of every individual who is aware of or suspects a violation of the Run Calgary’s codes of conduct or matters of concern/wrongdoing to report the incident as soon as possible using the reporting standards in this Whistleblower Policy.