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UESCA, RunScribe Gait Analysis

Coaches: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

We support amateur athletes at all levels. We have runners training for their first races to those running elite times. All are welcome and supported equally towards their goals. We have a team of six coaches and you are fit with the best coach for you when you sign up with us. All plans are tailored to you, as an individual, and no matter who your coach is, you have access to all the events we put on as a team, including track night and long run meet-ups.
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Sandra Yaworski Endurance Training and Collective Endurance Race Team

Sandra Yaworskihh

NCCP CC485594

Coaches: Intermediate, Advanced

Providing coaching and guidance, to athletes of all ages and abilities, by utilizing a goal based approach to personal achievement. Philosophy is based on creating a well-rounded athlete and building consistent, continuous improvement over a long period of time. Utilizing block periodization (6 to 12 weeks) as the method of organizing training, and focus on improving one or two athletic qualities at a time. All blocks include the key ingredients of endurance, strength, speed-endurance and power. All training plans are built specific to the individual to meet their specific goals and needs.
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