To celebrate human achievements through movement.

We are the fabric of the running community, embraced by the city while inspiring and enriching lives. 






Run Calgary events, including the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Race Weekend, bring more than 25,000 runners together annually.

Run Calgary Hall of Fame

Meet the runners who have raised the bar, on and off the route.

In our commitment to the promotion and celebration of road running, we annually honour those who have contributed to the growth and development of road racing in Canada. As the stewards of Canada's longest running marathon we are committed to acknowledging individuals through the Run Calgary Hall of Fame.

Run Calgary Hall of Fame Members

The Volunteer of the Year Award is annually awarded to a volunteer who has made considerable contributions to Run Calgary. It is named in memory of Jim Clampett, a board and Calgary Marathon committee member, a dedicated member of the running community, champion of the sport and tireless volunteer until his death in 2014.


Dr. Andrew Wade Medical Director. Dr. Andrew Wade is the Medical Director of the Calgary Marathon, joining the volunteer committee in 2012. A paediatric nephrologist at the Alberta Children’s hospital, Dr. Andrew has spent his career treating babies and little people. Over his 6 years at the helm of the medical team, Dr. Wade has elevated the Calgary Marathon medical program by studying the latest in marathon medicine, visiting the Chicago Marathon medical team and challenging how we can do better year over year to support our growing race. 

Gerry Miller Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Gerry Miller is a fixture on the Calgary running scene and has been crushing marathons, including the World Marathon Majors (WMM) in the 80+ age category. Gerry Miller started running in the 1970’s and ran his first marathon at 58 years
of age, completing 35 marathons since then. He is passionate about helping others reach their run goals, is a dedicatedRunning Room clinic leader, and has helped runners cross the line over 20 times in his role as a Pace Bunny. 


Kim Wedgerfield Anderson Huntington Bag Check Coordinator (and has never lost bag!)


Dave and Linda Foo for a decade of service to the organizing committee as the sign coordinators. 


Barrie Griffiths for his ongoing contributions to the Calgary Marathon Society as the Aid Station, Committee Captain and Treasurer for the Board of Directors.

Helly Visser for being a Remarkable Runner

Rob Reid for his many contributions to the running community.


Patricia Webster for 20 Years of Service to The Calgary Marathon Society

Ed Bickley We retired Ed's bib #501and inducted him into the Hall of Fame for his many years or participation in the Calgary Marathon races.

Lorna Hawley for Promoting Competitive Running for Women

Jim Clampett for Outstanding Contribution to the Calgary Running Community, Posthumous

Carmen Robins -  First Female Marathon Winner: 1975, Posthumous 

Dr. Peter Neiman for Exceptional Efforts Promoting Running in the Calgary Community 

Angus Cowan for Outstanding Contribution to the Calgary Running Community and fundraising efforts with Amble for Angus

Tamara & Rob Stichbury Volunteers of the Year for Outstanding Contributions to Calgary Marathon Society

Margaret Carleton-Glover  - Race Director Alumni

Doug Kyle - Founder of the Calgary Marathon

Marcel LaMontagne - Course Measurer

Dr. Benno M. Nigg

Martin Parnell - Author, Speaker and Guinness World Record Holder

Bill Wyllie - First Race Director in 1963 

The Calgary Roadrunners - Early stewards of the Calgary Marathon

Our Team

At Run Calgary, we work as hard as we run. 

Calgary Marathon / Run Calgary Board of Directors


Run Calgary is governed by the Calgary Marathon Society, a not for profit volunteer organization made up of CEO's, CFO's and business owners in their own right, all of whom share a passion for running and community service.



Please email us if you are interested in board opportunities.

Louise Taylor

Louise is a physiotherapist and partner at Movement Sports Clinic. She has a primary interest in helping keep all Calgarians moving well and staying active. A passionate runner and triathlete, Louise is pleased to assist the Calgary Marathon Society in enriching lives through running.


Alan Richter

Alan is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA (CA)) and has held several senior finance roles in Calgary and is currently Director, Financial Planning, Analysis and Tax for Badger Daylighting Ltd.  Alan has a passion for running and the marathon in particular, having completed close to 30 marathons including Boston six times and two Ironman Triathlons.

Vice Chair

Sabina Lokanc

Sabina Lokanc is a CPA, CA with over 11 years of experience as a designated accounting professional.  She is the former CFO of YMCA Calgary and currently works in the energy sector. Sabina is an avid recreational endurance athlete that enjoys combining her passion for running with supporting causes in the Calgary Community. Sabina proudly became MitoCanada’s Volunteer of the year in 2017 for co-managing a successful Guinness World Record attempt. She along with 111 other runners became two time Guinness Record Holders by running linked together to achieve the longest linked half and full marathon. Participating in this event was a life changing experience that raised awareness and over $150K for MitoCanada.


Cheryl Palamar

Running has transformed Cheryl's life. She was not an athletic person growing up, nor involved in competitive sport. She decided to start her running career just a few years ago on a hotel treadmill, completing 4km. That in itself seemed like a feat! She set further training and race goals, bolstering her belief that you just do that next right thing. Cheryl loves that the world of runners are welcoming, supportive and sometimes, people defying convention. Running has given her a better physical well-being, great friendships, places to travel to, and a meditative activity to get done on a Sunday morning. Now having completed distances up to a half marathon, she really feels the sense of belonging that happens when we all cross lines, starts and finishes. She always says, "I'll never be fast, but I will always show up!" Cheryl believes that being a part of a great community means you dedicate time to serve, not only to create lasting partnerships, but also to innovate and inspire. When her running shoes are not on, Cheryl works as National Marketing Lead for a iconic Canadian restaurant brand, and hydrates with a glass of wine in the company of her friends and family. 

Member at Large

Nancy Farries

Nancy has spent her career at the YMCA and currently works with YMCAs across Western Canada as VP of the Regional Development Centre. Purpose focused and passionate about leadership leadership development, Nancy is excited to be engaged for the mission of Run Calgary. Nancy is a dedicated trail runner and feels very fortunate to have access to great spaces in and around Calgary. 


Aristotle Sarantis

Ari is a competitive age-group triathlete and runner with a number of age-group wins and multiple top 10 finishes, including 2nd place age-group finishes in the Centaur Subaru 21.1K and the Jugo Juice 10k!

Member at Large

Paul Chiswell...

Paul is a commercial litigator and partner with the Calgary law firm of Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP. He is a recovering triathlete, but remains an avid cyclist, runner, and occasional marathoner.

Member at Large =

Jenny de Champlain

Jenny is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) who works as a Cost Analyst for TransCanada. Jenny starting running five years ago in which time she has run thirty half marathons and three marathons. 2015 will be Jenny’s 5th consecutive year running the Centaur Subaru Half Marathon at Calgary Marathon and second year topping it off with the 5K race. She’s excited to be able to combine her professional experience with her love for running as a member of the board. Jenny is also a 2015 ForeRunner and will be sharing her training experiences via her website www.calgaryrunnergirl.com and other social media platforms. 

Member At Large

Shari Macdonald

Shari  Macdonald is a co-owner and physical therapist at the Running Injury Clinic. She has been working in private practice for over 17 years specializing in sport and running related injuries. For the past several years, she has been a member of Sport Physiotherapy Canada board and Sport Physiotherapy Alberta executive. She is excited to bring her passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle to the Calgary Marathon Society.

Member At Large

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Senior Leadership​

Everything that we do as an organization is to advance our mission to celebrate human achievements through running.

Our 4-person full time staff is supported by thousands of volunteers, multiple Calgary agencies, our sponsors and partners, and our board of directors.​


Executive Director


Kirsten lives and breathes the Calgary Marathon and can't imagine doing anything else. After a 10-year career as a TV journalist, Kirsten left it behind to make her passion her job. With marathons in Dubai, Beirut, New York, Scotland and France under her personal race belt, Kirsten loves collaborating with industry friends to bring best practices to the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon and all Run Calgary races. She has BIG plans for Run Calgary and loves hearing from runners about what they are up too!


Run Calgary Race Director


Jon was introduced to competitive sports at the age of four; his combination of high energy and a fascination with the water prompted the Bird family to enroll Jon in the University of Calgary Tiny Olympic Prospects swim program. Throughout his swimming development Jon competed at the National level in distance freestyle and individual medley. Jon was ready for a new challenge after eighteen years of swimming and in 2005 joined the University of Calgary Dino’s Track & Field team. In that same year he watched the Canadian National Triathlon Championships in Kelowna, BC. The combination of his swim and run passions sparked a flame to push his personal limits and a desire to learn and compete with the best in the triathlon world.


Jon would go on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Calgary and would continue to compete as an elite triathlete while working part-time coaching triathlon.  


Jon rose to 5th ranked Canadian in 2012 narrowly missing the selection to Triathlon Canada’s Olympic team in London 2012. That same year Jon was awarded Alberta Triathlon Association Elite Male Athlete of the Year as well as worked alongside ATA as the Sport Development Manager, responsible for increasing participation of development athletes and elite coaches and selecting the 2013 Canada Summer Games Alberta Triathlon Team.


After the 2012 Olympic cycle and time spent in Victoria at the National Triathlon Training Centre, Jon returned to Calgary and Talisman Centre (now Repsol Sport Centre) to share his knowledge and passion for the sport of triathlon. In the five years that followed Jon worked building and leading a team of fifteen coaches and sport trainers at 3433 Sport Performance Centre as the Sport Development Manager. Together that team created one of Canada’s top Endurance Sports programs. Although Jon no longer competes as an elite triathlete, he still loves to trail run, rides mountain bikes and occasionally competes in endurance events.


Jon joins the Run Calgary team with great enthusiasm and excitement at the chance to aid Calgary’s premier road race as Race Director. In his spare time Jon runs with his dog Pal and spends time cooking pizza with his wife Holly.


Marketing Manager


Prior to joining the Run Calgary team, Stephanie studied Cultural Anthropology, earning her Master’s degree while studying abroad in New Zealand. She in interested in people and loves to learn about what makes groups of people do the things they do. This led her to a career working in events management, where for the past 7 years she helped to create and implement events for university students.


Stephanie was introduced to running and sport in adulthood through her involvement with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program. After a number of year of pounding the pavement, and participating in races, she has finally embraced the designation of runner, and recently triathlete.  At first a hesitant runner, she now loves the sport and is excited to share this passion with others.


Ready for a new challenge, and eager to convert other ‘hesitant’ runners, Stephanie looks forward to bringing her creativity and experience to the Run Calgary team. 


Scotiabank Charity Challenge Coordinator & Director of Runner Experience


Maureen’s passion for running started about 15 years ago. The first, and only, marathon she participated in was the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon in 2009 - she still proudly wears the belt buckle/medal at every opportunity she gets. After taking in all the fun and excitement that comes with running a number of half marathons, relays, 10k and 5k races, Maureen knew she had to get more involved in the running community. In 2015 Maureen joined the Calgary Marathon volunteer committee as a Package Pick-up coordinator. After being a big part of the excitement as a volunteer for three years, Maureen has fulfilled her dream to be part of the permanent team at Run Calgary, working as the Scotiabank Charity Challenge Coordinator and the Director of Runner Experience. Although her runs are getting shorter, Maureen still enjoys participating in any race she can, as well as running a few mornings a week with her friends and her golden lab, Reggie.

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